Cathy Irons

violinist: performer and teacher

Cathy's Workshops

  • From Practice to Performance

“I’m frustrated repeating the same passages with the same mistakes. What should I be doing when I practise?”

“I get nervous performing. What can I do to be more confident?”

How to practise with performance as the end goal. Suitable for adults, NCEA students and any instrumentalists or vocalists

  • Improvisation Workshops for Classical Musicians
Explore your instrument, have fun and learn a jazz standard or two!

  • Masterclasses
  • Individual lessons
  • String Workshops or sectionals
  • Ensemble Tuition

Please contact Cathy to enquire about any of the above workshops.

Violin Outside the Box

If you're interested in playing your violin (or any string instrument) and developing your own creative voice, improvisation and arranging skills, I highly recommend this 7 week string online course. It is suitable for any ability and everyone progresses at their own rate.

I started it during lockdown and am now feeling so motivated and excited about practising. The new course starts on 1 July, but if you register now, you can get the extra weeks free. Here's the link if you'd like to have a look further:

The course is run by jazz violinist Christian Howes and his team of mentors (I'll be one of them!)

Recommended Books


  • Susan Kempter How Muscles Learn: Teaching the Violin with the Body in Mind, Summy-Birchard 2003
  • Paul Rolland The Teaching of Action in String Playing: Developmental and Remedial Techniques, American String Teachers Association 1974
  • Simon Fischer Basics, Peters 2000


  • Ivan Galamian/Frederick Neumann Contemporary Violin Technique, Vol. 1 Galaxy Music Corporation

Recommended Videos

Recommended App

Tunable provides a pitched drone against which you can compare your own pitch.

Performance Psychology

Cathy shares practice to performance strategies at the IRMT music conference in Christchurch

Darfield String Group Workshop
Cathy and Anna receive the Highly Commended in CQ Hotels Wellington Arts Access Community Partnership Awards 2016 at parliament on behalf of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra for their collaborative work with Jolt.