Cathy Irons

violinist: performer and teacher

Described by critics as “jaw-dropping, her mastery and her lovely instrument defying any other description,” “sonic fireworks that dazzled all with their brilliance” and “an empathetic and expressive performer,” Cathy Irons performs concerts from baroque and classical to contemporary and jazz throughout New Zealand and abroad.

Cathy is a vibrant and dynamic performer passionate about music, sharing it with others and connecting with her audience.

She enjoys collaborating with musicians, artists, dancers and composers. And on the side, has fun with arranging or composition.

Her eclectic range of skills and personal warmth resonates with the people she interacts with which has led her to sharing her music in many different environments.

"Music provides a space in which to move and create. There are no longer barriers or prejudices, but a place for openness, honesty and the freedom to be unique."

This website is no longer maintained.
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photographer: Bina Iris