Cathy Irons

violinist: performer and teacher

Tres Cordes String Trio Sapphires



Tres Cordes is a French musical term literally meaning ‘three strings’. It is used here to represent the violin, viola and cello. Each trio player brings with them the unique colour of their stringed instrument – the violin, viola and cello, to blend as a unified whole. Together they aim to bring music to life with warmth, life and beauty.

Cathy Irons (violin), Serenity Thurlow (viola) and Tomas Hurnik (cello) perform an uplifting selection of classical music with light vibrato and a pure singing tone to give it luminous resonance.

Haydn String Trio Op 32

Boccherini String Trio Op 38 no 1

Schubert Trio Movement

Stamitz Duo for Violin and Cello Op 19

Kleczynski String Trio no 2

Haydn Divertimento no 4

This CD is frequently broadcast on Radio New Zealand Concert.


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